Apr 15 2011

Dirty Gay comics

gay comics
This young cutie wants to become the sorcerer’s apprentice… Bah! Looks like he’s still unaware of the hardcore tests that he will have to pass before being allowed to take part in his master’s experiments! Watch him sacrifice his anal virginity on these gay comics!

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Apr 9 2011

Gay cartoons

gay comics
The sweet boy from these nasty gay cartoons knows what to do to earn an excellent mark for the coursework even if he didn’t do shit all throughout the semester – just pull your pants down in front of the queer professor and let him savor your cock! It does work!

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Apr 6 2011

Gay army

gay comics
Surviving in the desert with no water, barely any food and absolutely no chicks around is a hard task – but, luckily, there will always be your fellows eager to help you unwind a little in the back of a truck! Watch two military fuckers go wild on these gay cartoons!

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