Bender drilling Fry’s ass with a sex toy

Bender drilling Fry's ass with a sex toy

The universe of Futurama is full of real gay sex addicts and it’s worth being said that many of them prefer real extreme sex! Glad to hear that, my dear gay hentai porn fans? As for me, I can really say that nothing turns me on better than a good drawn scene of insane gay ass destruction! As you might have already understood, the one who turns out to be the most merciless is Bender – the perverted nature of this robot has never been a secret but… Well, what you will see here definitely goes beyond all expectations – even the bravest ones! The way he drills poor Philip is simply insane! Besides, Hermes and Professor Hubert will also play their part in this unleashed manifest of interstellar gay debauch and, believe me, they won’t show any mercy towards their fuckmates either!