King of the Hill gay cartoons

King of the Hill gay sex

Have you ever wondered why there are so many men living in the neighborhood of Hank Hill, the main protagonist of the King of the Hill? Oh come on, isn’t it obvious? You see, despite his studly looks and behavior, Hank is nothing but a queer middle-aged man addicted to hardcore ass-fucking! On these gay cartoons you will see him throat-fucking Dale Gribble and getting the same treatment himself from Bill Dauterive! The bald guy won’t restrict himself to face-fucking his buddy in this yaoi gallery, by the way – you will also see him getting his tight chocolate flower ripped by Jeff Boomhauer! Well, King of the Hill no longer looks like another goodie-goodie animated TV show, huh? Maybe we should rename it into the Kink of the Hill, featuring gorgeous Hunk Hill, what do you think?